Santiago Corredor Vergara

Art Reception: Santiago Corredor Vergara

May 7, 2015

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Time:  5:00PM - 6:00PM
Location:  Cafe & Gallery Hall


Santiago Corredor Vergara's interest in art began at an early age when he began to constantly draw. His passion for drawing persisted throughout his academic career while attending the International School of Boston. At the age of eleven, Santiago began to work with Massachusetts artist Michelle Garro. With her, he learned the formalities of painting from life. After a course at the Beaux-Artsin Paris in his teens, he shifted his interest away from classical painting and moved to Bogotá, to finish his French baccalauréat at the Lycée Français Louis Pasteur.  There, he began working with Colombian artist Rita Miranda. It is with her that he began diversifying his practice. As of 2014, Santiago has been attending The Cooper Union, pursuing a BFA in Fine Arts. Please join us as we hear from the artist about his latest works.