Data Analytics with Seven Bridges

June 20, 2018

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LabCentral 700

Location: Lobby
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The Seven Bridges Platform is a cloud-based environment for conducting bioinformatic analyses. It is a central hub for teams to store, analyze, and jointly interpret their bioinformatic data. The Platform co-locates analysis pipelines alongside the largest genomic datasets to optimize processing. It allocates storage and compute resources on demand, to meet the needs of ever-growing analyses.

Cancer genome sequencing in particular, provides the first holistic window into the mutational drivers of cancer, culminating in FDA approval of a treatment for a solely molecularly-defined cancer indication for the first time in 2017. Also, did you know it's now possible to harness these large genomics datasets to define molecular subtypes of disease and incorporate this knowledge upfront in our discovery process, including evolution of resistance (e.g. EGFR, BCR-ABL), immune evasion, T-cell & B-cell repertoires? Furthermore, Seven Bridges review how high throughput molecular and cellular imaging, chemistry machine learning, robotics and automation, ease of genome engineering with CRISPR and synthetic DNA, are all providing an unprecedented confluence of technologies that enable data-driven drug discovery; both empirical and in silico. Join us and get in the know!