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PHCBI Welcome Event

October 5, 2023

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LabCentral 700

PHCbi is rolling back into LabCentral to officially kick off their Gold Sponsorship on October 5!

LabCentral and the PHCbi team are bringing together our entire community to join us on for a smorgasbord of sushi, some terrifically tasty tayaki ice cream, and the chance to win the IncuSafe Multigas Incubator!

How can you win? It's easy! Be sure to bring a team from your company (and your competitive spirit!) to enter to win. Your team will compete in a series of scavenger-style brain teasers throughout the event, and the team with the fastest finishing time AND most correct answers by the end of the event will walk away winners

PHCbi's Japanese heritage expresses itself through all PHCbi brand products. They can't wait to share more on their Japanese culture of continuous improvement (“Kai- zen”) which lends itself to their industry-leading reliability, sustainability, and innovative technology.

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