World Class Innovation, World Class Path-to-Market

July 24, 2018

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LabCentral 700

Location: Lobby
Time: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM

There is no one obvious path to commercial return for a new compound or a new technology. As early in development as possible, awareness of, and planning for, commercial value is critical to optimizing investment and eventual return. How do you determine the path that will add the most value, while balancing risk and reward in early stage? How do you know when (or if) to look for a strategic partnership? The discipline of path-to-market strategy is about maximizing return on invention, embracing possibility and probability, uncertainty and the power of an early story.

Topics will include:
Development of strategic choices (FIVE-X)
Sequencing of lifecycle and gateway launches
Optimizing value in launching your own asset
Positioning earlier than the other guys
Disruption in healthcare, and the new possibilities

Mike Rea | Chief Executive Officer, IDEA Pharma read bio»
Geoff Birkett | Principal, US Business, "New IDEA" read bio»

9:30AM | Registration Opens, Networking
10:00AM | Introduction, Innovation: Return on Invention
10:30AM | Path to Market: Planning Path To Market when you’re going all the way yourself
11:00AM | Path to Market: Planning Path To Market when you’re going to look to partner
11:30AM | Q&A
12:00PM | Networking Reception
1:00PM | Program Close

Speaker Biographies:
Mike Rea | CEO, IDEA Pharma
Mike Rea has worked in global pharma strategy for over 25 years, working with the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical companies. Regarded as an industry thought leader in innovation, Mike helped lead the strategic direction of over 100 pharmaceutical brands, and created the industry standard annual Pharmaceutical Innovation Index, a ranking of top 30 pharma by their ability to launch innovation.
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Geoff Birkett | Principal, US Business, “New IDEA”
Geoff Birkett has worked in global Pharmaceuticals and Biotech for 25 years in Marketing, General Management, and CMO/CEO roles. Geoff has launched several successful global brands including Seroquel/Prozac/Zomig and Nicorette. Geoff currently works at IDEA where he runs the New York practice and assists companies with Drug Development and Marketing. His mentor track focuses on path to market design strategy and how Biotech companies can maximize their impact in the market.
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