Gallery 1832 Presents: Puzzles of the Unknown

June 1, 2023

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LabCentral 700

Location: 700 Main Lobby

Date: June 1

Time: 4:30PM-6:30PM

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Please join us for this special art reception in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month this June.

ROBERT CAYNE started painting using acrylics in the fall of 2013 at Webster House, A Vinfen-sponsored clubhouse while recuperating from hospitalizations due to schizophrenia-associated disorders. This environment was very important due to the kindness and support and companionship of others dealing with similar mental issues.

Robert uses vivid color combinations to express particularly strong emotions. These images form the basis for philosophical insight or inquiry. Engaging with others about his art or art, in general is an important way for Robert to connect with others in a world in which he is otherwise isolated.

Robert’s process usually involves working on multiple canvasses at the same time. His manic energy is present in some of the works, with the artist’s underlying restlessness driving its formation. His faces are characterized by distorted features, movement, and tribal, alien, or masklike characteristics.  References to power structures and reflections on our civilization pervade the works.  Gritty details convey the harshness of the realities of our world. Patterns also take on a graffiti-like feel.

Other paintings bridge the lines between abstract and realistic worlds.  He uses random lines and shapes to give a street art feel to some of the works.  His color schemes reveal the beauty of strange yet convincing color combinations, and thus a heightened awareness of the world of color.  The combinations can be cynical or uplifting, jarring or sedate, benign or aggressive.

This special art reception will also allow us to reflect upon factors that motivate our entrepreneurs in their science and business, with a special conversation with Robert’s sister Amy Cayne Schwartz Co-Founder and President of Pearl Bio, who will be representing him.