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Literati - Meet the Author: Bianca Rose

February 7, 2023

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LabCentral 700

Location: Playroom
Time: 12:30PM-1:30PM

To mark Black History Month, please join the Literati and Bianca Rose author of Fearless: A Dissection of Jamaican Spirituality: A Path to Unity and Triumph for the African and Non-African Diaspora for a special gathering.

Bianca uses research and other evidence-based methods to discover and uncover patterns Jamaicans have had since time, in order to produce a solution that can be applied currently to environments that struggle with very low vibrations, such as racism.

“Growing up as a Jamaican-American provided a unique living experience for me, as I often felt as if I was experiencing different dimensions when in either environment; Jamaica always having a unique sense of air with higher vibrations you can feel as soon as you touch Jamaican soil.” “Fearless: A Dissection of Jamaican Spirituality” highlights the strengths Jamaicans bring to the world peace table. It encourages readers to also embark on their own journey through their roots, and, likewise, share all of the powerful knowledge acquired along the way with others. We can potentially bring the world back to a more conscious state of knowing who we truly are, and appreciate the powers in one another.”