Our Impact

We're thrilled to share our latest Impact Report, which showcases the cumulative accomplishments of LabCentral’s first decade, as well as a recap of 2023.

Since our inception in 2013, we've helped foster the growth of 278 companies, resulting in remarkable milestones like the creation of 6,339 new jobs, $18.4 billion in funding, 132 clinical trials, and 180 new patents. Over this 10-year journey, community has been more than just a goal; it's the very foundation that has lifted us up. We are so proud of our community's accomplishments and eager to share their success with the world.

Boldly Go and take a look at our 2022 Impact Report. Inspired by the mission-driven economy of the moonshot program, in 2022 LabCentral focused on our community’s influence and impact expanding to new horizons - despite much harsher realities for our industry. Our resident and alumni companies launched 37 new clinical trials, treated an additional 4,504 patients with potentially life-saving therapeutics, were granted 56 patents for their novel technologies, and captured 21% of the total Series A funding for biopharma in the United States.

View our 2021 Impact Report. As we began to emerge from the COVID pandemic, the exercise of looking back at 2021 allowed us to see the ingenuity of our scientist teams and startups and drives us forward into 2022 with a renewed optimism and sense of excitement for the industry. In 2021, we saw LabCentral companies starting clinical trials with a total of 5,717 clinical trial participants for drugs invented in our spaces. We also opened LabCentral 238 to support scale-up biomanufacturing, hired Gretchen Cook-Anderson as the Executive Director of LabCentral Ignite, and supported the creation of 1,449 new jobs in Massachusetts.