Process & Criteria


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Admission to LabCentral is through a competitive review process where only the highest-potential startups are selected. The process starts with a short form. Following submission, the Selection Committee for LabCentral meets with applicants. Applicants submit and give a non-confidential presentation which is followed by a question/answer session to finalize their candidacy and ensure consistency with LabCentral’s mission. Accepted candidates are invited back to choose an appropriate space and finalize terms of a contract.

LabCentral accepts high-potential applicants consistent with our mission to create the next generation of powerhouse biotech companies. We focus on supporting the entrepreneurial, early- to mid-stage activities of true startup companies. The selection committee reviews applications and interviews companies to assure that they meet the standards for high-impact science, promising execution, and, equally important, fit. Startups must show a willingness and capacity to operate within the LabCentral shared community.

In keeping with the MLSC’s guidance to support the entrepreneurial, early-stage activities of startup companies at our primary location (700 Main Street), we do not accept applicants that have already raised more than $10 million of capital or those that have trailing 12-month revenue of more than $3 million.