Gallery 1832: Unbound

July 13, 2020 | By Shazia Mir

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Built in 1832 as a train car manufacturing facility, our unassuming brick building has a long history of science and innovation. The monkey wrench was conceived in the facility and patented in 1869; the first phone call over a line, made by Alexander Graham Bell, was answered at 700 Main by Thomas A. Watson; and more recently, the building was also home to the Edwin Land and Polaroid. We created and named Gallery 1832 as a tribute to this history of innovation.

Gallery 1832 boasts two gallery halls on-site and a third smaller gallery space next door at 610 Main Street, all surrounded by pristine laboratory space. Visitors are sometimes surprised to see art displayed alongside lab coat storage and sample freezer rooms, but we believe art and science have many parallels. Both industries are powered by critical thinkers driven by curiosity, a thirst to understand society, to create dialogue, and make change to bring it forward.

Gallery 1832 provides residents and visitors with new avenues to find inspiration in the space around them. We believe this constantly changing environment and exposure to new perspectives is vital to creative thinking. Our goal is to display provocative and beautiful work to provide residents and visitors new avenues to find inspiration in the space around them. We hope our installations inspire new, creative approaches to problem solving.

We’re proud to present our latest installation, Iwalani Kaluhiokalani’s Unbound.


Iwalani Kaluhiokalani’s uplifting work is the perfect antidote to the ensuing social distancing, public health interventions the sacrifice of social connections and subsequent struggles resulting from COVID-19.

Join us for a Gallery 1832 Virtual Art Reception on Tuesday, July 21 at 4 PM. Register here