January 7, 2022 | By Lynn Walder

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Disclaimer: the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this blog belong solely to the individual author, and not to LabCentral or the author’s employer, organization or committee.

Over the past eight years, LabCentral has taken great pride in creating a model of operational efficiency and curated connections that supports the evolutionary success of our entrepreneurial resident company community in bringing critical medicines and technology to those most in need.

With the speed of drug discovery and development exponentially increasing each year, LabCentral has recommitted itself to amplifying the original vision of supporting these biotech entrepreneurs, not only in how they scientifically scale operations, but in how they can strategically evolve as a business to ensure long-term sustainability of their own bold goals.

In the fall of 2021, we launched a new channel of programming called “Resident Success” to formally engage the executive leadership of LabCentral resident companies in the efforts of critical business-building initiatives including connections to potential investors and partners, industry experts, and most importantly, enhancing connections to one another.

The current portfolio of programming includes:

Connect to Capital: LabCentral Venture Capital Showcases: Turn-key introductions and meeting coordination between resident executive leadership and potential biotech venture capital partners within a formalized event structure.

Connect to Partners: LabCentral Partnering Summits: Turn-key introductions and meeting coordination between resident CEOs and potential pharma industry partners within a formalized event structure.

Connect to Experts: LabCentral Mentoring Cohorts: A six-week program matching highly curated industry experts as mentors to guide CEOs and co-founders through challenging aspects of their company strategy.

Connect to Peers: LabCentral CEO Roundtables: A monthly facilitated in-person, small-group session of resident CEOs (joined by theme experts) who gather to discuss strategic business building topics (ex. going IPO; strategic communications; fundraising pitches; securing executive talent; scaling your culture, etc.)

All programming is available to all LabCentral affiliated residents and alumni company leadership from all four of our facilities, including LabCentral 238, which just went online in Phase I last November.

We here at LabCentral are thrilled to add this impactful programming to our offering and will continues to seek ways in which optimal value can be brought to not only LabCentral’s resident executive leadership, but to the broader biotech community as a whole. Agility, evolution, and most importantly, a knowledge and resource sharing community are integral to the forward movement of scientific discovery for the world’s most pressing health needs. We believe that our efforts to assist biotech leaders through highly relevant initiatives (both operationally and strategically) will amplify the brightest minds, create the best next generation of medicines, and increase opportunities for optimal health in the shortest timelines possible.

In future articles, we will delve more deeply into each of the Resident Success program offerings to discover how LabCentral, resident leadership and key ecosystem partners are making sure great science succeeds.

For more information on Resident Success and/or any specific programming, please reach out to Rachele Ryan, Director of Partnerships (