LabCentral: We’re Growing…and We’re Hiring!

September 8, 2021 | By Anna Whitlock

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had dramatic short- and long-term effects on organizations around the world, especially for those where remote work is more challenging.

This certainly applies to LabCentral’s community of biotech startups that rely directly on our onsite lab space to research and develop new diagnostics, drugs, therapies and treatments. Which is why, from the very beginning of the pandemic, our community has been laser-focused on creating innovative COVID-19 mitigation programs, like our rapid testing protocol and stringent facility policies around masking, cleaning, and social distancing. All designed with the goal that everyone – employees, visitors, and our resident scientists and entrepreneurs alike – can feel safe and confident about working on premises.

As the past year and a half has shown, biotech and life sciences are a critical part of the local and global economy for creating new innovations to positively impact public health. Just as our resident and alumni companies have grown and seen success, our own LabCentral network of facilities and team are growing as well to meet the demand for our integral community and co-working model.

How We’re Growing

LabCentral is a unique community that has seen significant growth and success from its resident and alumni companies:

  • Since our founding in 2013, these companies have raised a total of $9.2 billion in funding.
  • Throughout the pandemic in 2020, LabCentral’s network of companies secured 12% of all early-stage financing invested into biotech in the United States.
  • Through the end of last year, resident and alumni companies have fueled the creation of 3,132 jobs.

Key to the success of our resident companies is our own LabCentral team, covering lab operations, facilities management, site programming, and more. They are the foundation of our ecosystem and help create the environment where our residents can focus on breakthrough science and new innovations.

With our network of facilities speedily growing, LabCentral is expanding our team and we expect to fill up to 20 new roles before the end of the year.

  • We’re extending our lineup of LabCentral facilities, with the planned opening of LabCentral 238. Focused on serving advanced stage startups that require scale-up biomanufacturing capabilities, the initial phase will open in November of this year and the second phase is slated to open in the Spring of 2022.
  • We also have roles to fill at our original site LabCentral 700 facility for start-up companies, our neighboring LabCentral 610 location for growth stage residents, and the Harvard Life Lab. 
  • The positions across all four sites require diverse skill sets, from management roles to more technical, science-oriented jobs, to roles that focus on customer service and hospitality experience.

To view all our openings with detailed descriptions, please visit our LabCentral Job Openings page

Why Work at LabCentral?

At LabCentral, we take pride in building a company culture that is innovative, creative, and collaborative. There’s no shortage of inspiration when walking through our halls – from our physical spaces that have been intentionally designed to foster connections, to the frequent events that encourage relationship-building among employees, residents and the community at large, to the displays of artwork from local talent—LabCentral is a place where our community is encouraged to succeed as a team member and as a person.

We emphasize our employees’ wellbeing both inside and outside of the office. Just a few of the benefits we offer include full medical and dental premium coverage, unlimited vacation days, gym memberships, and transportation reimbursement. We provide many other fun and unique perks, such as unlimited snacks and in-house programming with thought-provoking topics.

We couldn’t be more excited about expanding our team and welcoming new, eager minds that contribute to making LabCentral the successful shared lab space that it is. If you are interested in joining us, check out our open positions.

We can’t wait to meet you!