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Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world. - Leonardo da Vinci

At its core art has served as a vessel for documenting and igniting conversations, empowering communities. 

At Gallery 1832 we believe in the combined power of the arts and sciences. Our gallery celebrates the history of innovation in our space, challenges stereotype and invites conversation. It provides a platform for local artists and underrepresented communities to share their work, their voices, perspectives and raise awareness, through storytelling, and the sharing of lived experiences.

The public nature of the gallery also creates a link between the surrounding community and the internal, bringing light and visibility to the scientific world which maintains the perception of being shrouded in mystery, secrecy, and not for external view.

By showing science as accessible and inclusive to all regardless of lived experience, by sparking interest, expanding the community network, and shaking the status quo our hope is that it creates opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to minorities or the under privileged.

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Beyond the Palette: Women's Journey in Full Color

Opening Date: April 11, 2024

Join an extraordinary journey into the vibrant world of female artistic expression with Michele Boshar and Jila Mannani at "Beyond the Palette: Women's Journey in Living Color." These talented artists come together at Gallery 1832 to invite you to witness the power and beauty of their shared narratives through the lens of creativity and resilience.


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