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LabCentral 700's building and LabCentral 610 office photographed at the main entrance of a nonprofit biotech colab on a beautiful sunny day

LabCentral to Open Next-Stage Facility for Growing Life-Science Companies, Supported by Pfizer

September 21, 2017

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In December 2017, LabCentral plans to open LabCentral 610. Generously supported by Pfizer Inc., the 33,000-square-foot facility will be on the third floor of Pfizer’s Kendall Square Worldwide Research and Development building across a shared driveway from LabCentral’s original site. It will become home to up to six early- to mid-stage companies “graduating” from or out-growing the current LabCentral space, as well as other startups interested in securing space in the thriving bioscience Kendall Square neighborhood. Eligible startups include those with high-impact science, excellent execution, and significant prospects for achieving scientific and business success whose space needs exceed current LabCentral offerings.
Photo credit: Lindsay Michelle Crockett, LabCentral, Inc.