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Bayer Co.Lab Cambridge

Bayer’s Co.Lab Cambridge is specifically designed to support cutting-edge cell and gene therapies (CGT) entrepreneurs with access to Bayer’s enterprise-wide expertise in addition to state-of-the-art laboratory and office space operated by LabCentral.

Bayer’s Co.Lab Cambridge is co-located within the Bayer Research and Innovation Center (BRIC), BlueRock Therapeutics, and Leaps by Bayer at 238 Main Street, allowing for direct access to Bayer’s experts.

All Co.Lab residents have the opportunity to engage, exchange, and share their experience and ideas across international Bayer Co.Lab locations.

What Do Residents Get?

Lab Amenities 

Bayer Co.Lab Cambridge is architected to cultivate a community steeped in innovation and collaboration, offering an extensive array of amenities tailored to accommodate the distinct requirements of our resident startups.

  • Unique incubator network fostering innovation and partnerships, offering access to Bayer’s cell therapy industrialization manufacturing programs and expertise in industry-leading technologies.
  • Modular BL2 and process development add-on space as needed
  • Lab designed to support up to 36 bench scientists with facilities including benches, shared tissue culture suites, a shared bioanalytical equipment room, and shared cold storage .
  • EHS training and compliance programs, management of all PPE for all lab users
  • Two open labs equipped for early-stage cell and gene therapy research, encompassing protein and bacterial work, and RNA and DNA work.
  • Housed within Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) center of excellence with BlueRock, Beam Therapeutics, Bayer Research and Innovation Center and LabCentral 238
  • Access to Bayer partners and expertise including the opportunity to utilize Bayer’s cell therapy industrialization manufacturing programs and industry leading technologies
  • Mentoring from Bayer CGT experts across R&D, regulatory, manufacturing and commercialization
  • Visibility to Bayer senior leadership through annual showcase event
  • Programming curated for CGT entrepreneurs and scientists


Bayer Co.Lab Cambridge is a vibrant and nurturing space for budding biotech startups. With our state-of-the-art facilities and meticulously designed spaces, we aim to cultivate an atmosphere that inspires innovation and boosts productivity.

  • Approximately 26,000 square feet facility located in Cambridge, in proximity to cell and gene therapy and innovation pioneers.
  • Gallery 1832 featuring local artists
  • Facilities for wellness, lactation, and other accommodations, a cafe with an espresso machine and snacks, daily use lockers , serviced shower rooms, and a variety of soft seating options for meetings or relaxation.
  • Conference rooms, co-working areas, and phone booths
  • Private offices and desks


Bayer Co.Lab Cambridge is purposefully designed to support innovative cell and gene therapy companies. The technical offerings include a spectrum of general laboratory equipment to enable workflows ranging from cell culture through assay development. Specialized imaging and bioanalytical instrumentation are provided to enable the unique needs of cell and gene therapy research. With close proximity to LabCentral 238, we envision broader access to additional analytical and process development resources to provide opportunities for more scientific discoveries.

  • Specialized equipment for cell and gene therapy research
  • State-of-the-art bioanalytical equipment such as An M7000 microscope for cell imaging, and an Attune flow cytometer with Cytkix autosampler for faster cell sample processing.
  • Assortment of general lab equipment from plate readers, qPCR, gel & Western devices and imagers, centrifuges, incubators to support a variety of workflows and assay needs
  • Access to LabCentral 238 CGT process development equipment
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Companies whose work seeks to make big, bold change in the world of healthcare and the life sciences are encouraged to apply.


Our Co.Lab Location

LabCentral 238 617-245-2987

238 Main St, North
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Our strategic location offers abundant synergies and partnership opportunities for our resident companies.