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LabCentral has generated significant interest from entrepreneurs and startups working on groundbreaking science who are eager to join LabCentral, a first-of-its-kind, fully resourced and equipped life-sciences laboratory space. Participants are chosen through a competitive process, where only the highest-potential applicants are selected in keeping with our mission.

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Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) provide unchallenged specificity compared to small molecules, representing a growing market of 150+ billion dollars. However, most of the available mAbs are still delivered through long, costly, and painful IV. AcousticaBio aims to enable subcutaneous delivery of mAbs through highly concentrated, hydrogel-microparticle based monoclonal antibody formulations as a first step to extend and leverage its proprietary technology -acoustophoretic printing - to maximize its impact in life science and society.
Area of Research: Acoustophoretic Technology
Aikili logo
Aikili Biosystems provides affordable, accurate cancer diagnosis at the point-of-care, enabled by deep learning. Aikili initially commercializing a breast cancer diagnostic using technology developed at Harvard Medical School. Their platform automates cancer diagnosis, including identification of molecular sub-types, and is ideally suited for settings lacking pathologists and/or computing power.
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Alexion R52
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Atias Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel therapeutic drugs in areas of high unmet medical need, combining insights into the physiology and pathophysiology of targets with a deep molecular understanding of target ligand-receptor interactions to enable novel drug discovery.
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Biodevek company logo
BioDevek leverages materials science, biology, and medicine to develop the next generation of biomaterial-based surgical solutions to improve the clinical outcomes following internal surgeries.
Biofeyn Logo PHLL
BioFeyn is a life sciences company pioneering new forms of nutrient delivery to improve efficiencies for food systems and sustainability. Using proven advancements from human biomedicine, BioFeyn is maximizing the impact of scarce and expensive ingredients to improve animal health, reduce resource use, and minimize waste.
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Adoptive cell therapies have demonstrated the unprecedented power of the immune system to treat cancer; however, development has proven to be slow and costly. Bi-specific antibodies have the unique ability to engage the host immune system to target specific markers on tumor cells without the complications of cellular therapy. Brahma Therapeutics has a best-in-class protein engineering platform to rapidly produce bi-specific antibodies, a multi-billion dollar market predicted to dominate the oncology market.
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Branch Bio is developing next generation diagnostic tools to map clonal architecture within a tumor in order to better inform clinical decision making.
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Diagnosing and monitoring bladder cancer recurrence can make a big difference in patients' lives. By leveraging the nanoscale cell bio-physical markers mapping and machine learning, Cellens offers accurate and noninvasive bladder cancer detection test suite to support physicians' decisions and improve patients' quality of life.
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Cerberus Therapeutics is pioneering an alpaca-derived single domain antibody fragment (VHH)-based platform to create novel therapeutics capable of immune modulation. Their initial programs focus on developing therapies for several autoimmune disorders, as well as tolerance against immune reactions to Adeno-Associated Virus ("AAV") vectors. By incorporating genetic and biochemical protein modification strategies, Cerebus has shown that just a single dose of these engineered VHHs achieve robust in vivo efficacy in preclinical mouse models of several autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, both prophylactically and therapeutically.
Area of Research: Autoimmune Disorders & Infectious Diseases
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Codagenix is challenging the status quo of viral vaccine development with their synthetic attenuated virus engineering (SAVE) platform that brings together novel codon deoptimization technology with a proven vaccine approach. Codaegenix's powerful, species-agnostic platform is breaking through conventional barriers to build a clear path to rational, safe, effective, and readily deployable vaccines capable of fighting both longstanding and emerging global health challenges, whether posed by infectious agents or cancer.
Area of Research: Cell & Gene Therapies
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DaCapo Brainscience, Inc. is built to create revolutionary, disease-modifying therapeutics for neurological diseases. DaCapo is fusing a unique understanding of biological systems, their induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based neuronal culture systems, their proprietary analyses of patient databases, and their pioneering AI/ML algorithms to create an integrated platform for disease-definition and target discovery. With this platform, DaCapo Brainscience can identify novel molecular subtypes of disease and corresponding drug targets for synucleinopathies (such as Parkinson's Disease and Lewy Body Dementia) and other neurodegenerative diseases.
Area of Research: Neurodegenerative Diseases
Energesis Logo2022
Energesis is developing therapeutics for obesity and diabetes using a novel approach. Our drug candidates (small molecules and biologics) recruit brown adipocyte stem cells to form active brown fat, thereby improving energy balance (lowering body weight and fat) and metabolic health (lowering increased levels of blood glucose and lipids).
Epitope Logo Resized
Epitope has identified specific sequence (epitopes) that lead to the generation of pathogenic antibodies, the underlying driver of a number of auto-immune disorders. Epitope's lead program uses a proprietary peptide display technology that will target and neutralise / eliminate the pathogenic antibodies, supporting patients who suffer Bullous Pemphigoid, a skin condition that one of the companies founders has been researching and treating over several decades.
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Fletcher full logo 1
Our aim is to develop a novel domain for immune recruitment for bispecific T cell engagers that specifically recruits immune cells in an activated, cytotoxic state. To do this, we are designing therapeutics that mimic antigens from common infectious diseases. In effect, our therapeutics will direct potent, existing immune responses for an infectious disease (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, influenza) towards a cancer, leading to a more precise and efficacious response.
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GC Therapeutics (GCTx) is the first cell therapy company with an integrated synthetic biology and AI-driven cell differentiation platform powered by the only genome-wide cell landscape exploration approach for streamlined biomanufacturing. GCTx's technology allows for the development of any cell therapy from stem cells with an accelerated timeline of 4 days (compared to months) with up to 100% differentiation efficiency (compared to 10%) in a highly scalable process.
Area of Research: Cell & Gene Therapies
GelMEDIX is a platform-based company focused on developing bioadhesive hydrogel drug depots to improve patient compliance and treatment outcomes in ophthalmology. GelMEDIX was founded based upon 8 years of academic work originating at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School, Northeastern University, and UCLA that was motivated by challenges in post-op and chronic treatment in ophthalmology.
General Biologics logo
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Gensaic is a phage-derived particle (PDP) gene delivery platform that addresses key limitations in the current gene therapy landscape. Unlike the market lead AAV technology, PDPs offer durable therapeutic efficacy via repeat administration, enable tissue-specific targeting, support massively scalable manufacturing, and can package any full-length human gene as a therapeutic (>20 kb).
Area of Research: Cell & Gene Therapies
Grip logo resized1
GRIP Molecular Technologies is developing an electronic biosensor that can be used as an in-home diagnostic device. The technology is faster, more sensitive, accurate and significantly less expensive than lab based tests. GRIP's first product will be an in-home diagnostic panel for upper respiratory diseases.
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Guardian Bio's goal is to take back control of the immune system with an approach focused on creating a personalized cell therapy based on dendritic cells. Their technology drives anti-tumor activity through eliciting a diverse yet targeted immune response - mobilizing the entire army for the fight
Area of Research: Cancer & Major Diseases
GV M1 Lobby
GV.M1 is a biologics company relying on binding and agonistic activity of multi-specific antibodies to modulate biological processes.
HARMONY Logo Resized
Cow's milk is for calves. Majority of infant formulas nowadays are made with cow's milk and 17% of babies on these formulas, meaning 22 million babies annually, experience allergic reactions. Current solutions like extensively hydrolyzed or amino acid-based formulas are expensive, taste bitter, smell bad, cause osmotic diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. Harmony Baby Nutrition replaces cow's milk proteins used in infant formulas with human breast milk proteins. Harmony is the first breast milk protein-based formula and the only dairy-free and allergy-free and environmentally friendly baby nutrition in the world.
Harton is an early-stage biotechnology company formed with the vision of transforming healthcare, therapeutics, and diagnostics, through our iterative design, build, test platform. Our platform designs modular engineered proteins and cells via AI, builds at unlimited scale using synthetic gene libraries, and continually tests on patient samples utilizing all forms of sequencing from next-gen sequencing, to single-cell, to spatial. Harton's mission is to transform healthcare by delivering next-generation precision-engineered therapeutics linking cellular and targeting discovery technologies to advanced therapeutic designs. In the future, libraries of characterized modular therapeutic components will enable rapid development of safe & effective personalized drugs.
Hitch Bio Logo PHLL
HitchBio develops red blood cell transfusion based solutions utilizing Cellgrip technology to affix and deliver diverse therapeutics with increased delivery efficiency to tissue. This approach allows for improved tissue targeting (lungs via intravenous administration, other organs via intra-arterial administration) and evasion of the immune system.
I2o logo
Biologics command a large share of the therapeutics market but are limited to injection-based therapies due to poor oral bioavailability. This administration route results in increased healthcare costs and poor patient compliance. i2O Therapeutic's ionic liquid platform enables the oral delivery of such drugs, alleviating the patient burden for these therapies.
Ilios logo
Ilios Tx is a small molecules drug discovery platform that creates first-in-class disease-modifying drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases.
In Gel logo
InGel Tx technology is an injectable biomimetic hydrogel platform engineered for the sustained release of stem cells and drugs in the eye, initially targeting regenerative medicine for retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration and geographic atrophy.
Inn Dura logo updated
InnDura develops Armed Cytokine-Induced Memory-Like NK cells (CIML NK cells). In clinical trials CIML NK cells have been shown to have significantly enhanced properties of potency, proliferation and persistence when compared to conventional NK cells, whilst retaining their excellent safety profile when compared to CAR-T therapies. Using InnDura's proprietary NAS-CAR manufacturing, InnDura can genetically engineer these CIML NK Cells to further enhance their efficacy against a range of hematologic and solid tumors. InnDura's platform technology thus delivers benefits over both CAR-T therapeutics and conventional NK cell therapeutics.
Interon laboratories
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Genetic medicines are now beginning to make a major impact on human disease, with transformative RNAi, ASO, mRNA, and gene therapies now approved drugs. Delivery of these medicines to target tissues remains the major roadblock to extending these modalities to additional diseases. Conjugation strategies targeting specific receptors such as GalNAC-ASGRP and transferrin receptor binding mAbs and peptides have been opened new tissues such as the liver and skeletal muscle to these medicines. Judo Bio will extend this strategy to targeting specific cell populations in the kidney for the treatment of renal and systemic metabolic diseases.
K2 B Lobby
K2B is a pre-clinical stage therapeutics discovery startup, with the goal of commercializing a game-changing protein-RNA conjugate in the immune-oncology space.
Kano therapeutics 1
Kano Therapeutics believes that innovative drugs need innovative supply chains. Kano is building a bio-infrastructure company to solve the huge bioprocessing capacity crunch in therapeutic manufacturing for cell and gene therapy companies. Kano's immediate focus lies on a new type of genetic vector for CRISPR applications that enables their customers to get their innovative drugs faster in and through clinical trials.
Kern Systems logo
Kern System's mission is to provide the first permanent data archive infrastructure for the rapidly expanding digital universe. Kern Systems will offer customers a cost-effective way to archive data without material risk of loss, overheads associated with data maintenance, and obsolescence.
Kernal Logo Website PNG
Kernal Biologics Inc. is a Cambridge based startup that is developing messenger RNA therapeutics for Acute Myeloid Leukemia via deep learning.  AML is a rare blood cancer type that affects 350 thousand people globally, every year. Most patients treated with current standard of care, chemotherapy, develop relapse or recurrence and eventually die. The 5-year survival rate for AML is only 27 percent. We propose treating AML with cancer cell-specific mRNAs designed with MenDel, our "mRNA engineering via deep learning" platform. These mRNAs are engineered to specifically kill AML cells, including chemo-resistant ones, and avoid healthy cells. This cell killing is done in a particular fashion to bring in a robust adaptive immune response. Overall, Kernal mRNAs are poised to dramatically improve efficacy and tolerability of treatment. 
Area of Research: mRNA
Kestrel Therapeutics logo
Kestrel focuses on approaches to inhibition of mutated RAS protein in a variety of cancers. We use chemical screens, structural biophysical approaches, and medicinal chemistry to identify and characterize candidate inhibitors. We have four employees, have just been authorized to use our second tranche of funding, and are expanding.
Limax Biosciences Logo
Limax Biosciences is developing a strong and flexible hydrogel adhesive for wounds inside and outside the body
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The rise of antibiotic resistance in the past decade has proven to be a major threat to modern healthcare. With an antibiotic pipeline that is almost dried up, new agents that can stifle the surge in resistance are much needed. Lytica Therapeutics is tackling the problem of antibiotic resistance by tapping into a natural reserve of compounds known as antimicrobial peptides (AMPs). Through their proprietary technology, Lytica has created a novel class of antibiotics, called StAMPs, with potent activity and a reduced propensity for bacterial resistance. Lytica believes their unique pipeline will help expand the antibiotic arsenal so that doctors can combat the most drug resistant bacterial infections.
Area of Research: Antimicrobials
Marble logo
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Spun out of Harvard and MIT and backed by Versant Ventures, March Therapeutics ("March") is advancing molecular recording, genome mining and AI/ML to identify novel enzymatic activities from the tree of life and repurpose them for therapeutic applications.
Area of Research: Cancer & Major Diseases
Matice logo
Humans are limited in their abilities to heal wounds without scarring and to regenerate skin. In contrast, fetal humans and some adult animals heal wounds flawlessly. Matice Biosciences seeks to develop novel ways to awaken flawless human skin healing by harnessing information from super-regenerative animals. Recent molecular, genetic, and computational advances using these species allow Matice Biosciences to identify molecules that, in their synthetic form, stimulate pathways for healing in humans.
Matrisome Bio Logo FINAL Aug7 2023
Matrisome Bio is developing tools to deliver targeted therapies to the extracellular matrix (non-cellular components) of disease tissues such as tumors and fibrotic lesions in order to convert it from a barrier to a drug depot.
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NextPoint is advancing the field of immuno-oncology through its leading scientific work on the novel HHLA2 pathway. Their innovative approach integrates foundational science with a defined clinical biomarker to deliver a new class of monotherapies for patients who will not benefit from PD-1/L1 inhibitors.
Area of Research: Immunotherapies
Novilla Pharmaceuticals is an early-stage biotech company developing two disruptive technologies developed by a former Harvard professor. Their programs utilize a precise delivery mechanism platform that uses charged ions to deliver medications through the intact dermal layer directly to nerves and other deeper tissues, which has not been possible before without the use of electrophoresis.
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Nvelop's mission is to develop transformational genetic medicines utilizing novel gene editing delivery technologies, with an emphasis on diseases with significant unmet medical need. Nvelop's team is advancing multiple innovative approaches to deliver a variety of therapeutic payloads, focusing initially on gene editing in therapeutically relevant cells and tissues. Nvelop believes theit technology has the potential to positively impact patients suffering from severe genetic diseases, and is committed to building an excellent, science-driven and diverse team that is passionate about making a difference. Nvelop Therapeutics is currently operating in stealth.
Area of Research: Cell & Gene Therapies
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Currently, the field of oligo therapeutics is severely hindered by a lack of delivery technology. Mature technology only exists for targeting the liver. pacDNA aims to transform the field of oligonucleotide therapeutics by greatly expanding the disease areas where an oligo-based therapy can be developed, to include non-liver organs and tissues such as the heart, blood, lung, skeletal muscle, skin, and bone. Their mission is to extend the oligonucleotide modality beyond its rare genetic disease niche and into major disease categories such as cancer, immunology, metabolic disease, and infectious diseases.
Area of Research: Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
Financed by Khosla Ventures, Pearl Bio brings together a broad patent portfolio from 15+ years of development in synthetic biology, genome editing, and ribosome engineering, converging in a new technology platform. Pearl's paradigm enables the biosynthesis of therapeutics and entirely new classes of biomaterials with novel genetically encoded chemistry incorporated with precision at multiple, distinct loci to produce precisely tailored biotherapeutics with tunable half-lives and reduced immunogenicity.
Portal Logo BW LG
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Quantum Sky logo
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QurCan Therapeutics solves the problem of CNS and tissue-specific delivery of nucleotide and therapeutic molecules via its proprietary next generation nanoparticle platform, called "TERP". QurCan's team is committed to restoring health and transforming the lives of patients through the development of nanomedicine that requires the unique features of the TERP technology to address major unmet needs for the treatment of cancer and other major diseases.
Area of Research: Cancer & Major Diseases
RADD Pharma is focused on discovering and developing drugs that target mechano-enzymes, which are motor proteins with DNA or RNA substrates. While there is strong biological validation for the role of many mechano-enzymes in disease, to date there are no FDA approved drugs that act on human mechano-enzymes. These targets have been undruggable due to several unique features including the very large scale movements the proteins undergo. RADD's founders have been studying these proteins for decades and have brought their collective knowledge together to build RADD's REMEDY platform which is uniquely tailored to address the specific challenges of discovering inhibitors of mechano-enzymes. The platform is being applied to two precision oncology targets to start and there is a robust pipeline of additional targets spanning oncology, immunology and virology.
Synolo is developing a suite of integrative technologies, leveraging unparalleled high-throughput sequencing, cell free protein synthesis and functional screening coupled with computational protein design and machine learning. Synolo's platform will power predictive diagnostics analytics, enhance novel target discovery as well as unlock novel therapeutic design spaces across multiple modalities.
For the human body to develop and function normally, the precise level of expression of each gene of the genome needs to be tightly regulated by epigenetics. When this balance is disrupted, alteration in gene expression can lead to severe genetic diseases for which no cure is available. Regel’s technology utilizes a deactivated Cas system (dCas) which targets the epigenome without editing or damaging the DNA. This approach harnesses the natural mechanisms of gene regulation, allowing for efficient and permanent restoration of normal gene expression.
Revision Bio Logo PHLL
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Ribonaut Therapeutics is developing a novel small molecule platform capable of specifically degrading RNAs for the treatment of human diseases. Ribonaut's approach leverages the work of academic founder, Matthew Disney - Chair of the Department of Chemistry at Scripps Florida, and his foundational insights into the targeted recruitment of RNAses to specific RNA structural motifs using small molecules.
Rubik logo
Rubik Therapeutics is developing programmed CAR-T/NK cell therapies for solid tumors. We have identified a set of highly selective, exclusive solid tumor targets as well as T cell modulators that will allow us to treat solid tumors while avoiding toxicity and immune evasion.
Area of Research: Cell & Gene Therapies
Seismic is using machine learning, structural biology, and protein engineering to create improved Fc effectors and immunoglobulin modulating enzymes to address humoral immunity in the context of autoimmune and rare disease.
Area of Research: Immunology Drug Development
Skylark is pioneering gene therapies for patients with hearing loss.
Spheric bio logo
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Area of Research: Stroke Prevention
Stipple Bio is unlocking cellular profiling and target discovery with epitope resolution.
Stratagen Bio is developing a novel class of sensors that provide quantitative and direct measurements of tissue oxygen, which are not possible with alternative sensors. Their sensor will enable more personalized and effective treatments for patients in a wide range of applications including oncology, wound healing, and tissue transplantation.
Stylus Medicine is on a mission to develop next-generation therapies for disease, based on the pioneering work of leaders in the fields of genome engineering and chromatin regulation.
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Tevard Biosciences is a pioneering tRNA-based gene therapies to cure rare and severe genetic diseases with limited or no approved treatment options. Tevard was founded by MIT Professor and Whitehead Institute Founding Member Harvey Lodish, with life science entrepreneurs and executives Daniel Fischer and Warren Lammert, fathers of children with Dravet syndrome.
Area of Research: mRNA
Thymmune Therapeutics is a preclinical biotechnology company based in Cambridge, MA applying proprietary insights in thymic engineering to develop and commercialize immune cell therapy products addressing significant opportunities with unmet clinical need across immunology. Building on work from leading labs, Thymmune has strong IP positioning and is backed by early investors and founders of companies like Genentech, Regeneron, Editas, and Bluebird.
Transcera logo
Transcera is transforming chronic disease treatment through a new approach to biologic medicines. Our novel lipid-based platform enables oral absorption and amplified distribution of large molecule therapeutics, so we can turn injections into pills and deliver biologics to hard-to-reach tissues such as the brain.
Area of Research: Biologic Medicine
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Area of Research: Cell & Gene Therapies
Viska.Bio Therapeutics induces Immunogenic Cell Death by treating cancer with a Fusion Protein between a tumor specific antibody and the enzyme Xanthine Oxidase. This produces superoxide in the tumor microenvironment oxidizing lipids which are incorporated into the lysosome which then becomes leaky releasing degradative enzymes which induce endopepsis - or cellular internal digestion. One result is that calreticulin, the eat me signal for DCs, migrates to the cell surface initiating the immunogenic feature. ODIN Therapeutics has produced a fusion protein to EGFR and shown that it produces the classic markers of Immunogenic Cell Death.
VitaKey is the future of nutrition science with its targeted delivery platform to enhance the foods that we consume every day.For decades, the food industry has struggled to adequately deliver nutrients, vitamins, probiotics, proteins and flavors due to losses during cooking or storage. All that is about to change. VitaKey’s customized solution is a transformative technology that improves food and beverages for humans and animals – without altering taste, texture, smell or color. VitaKey’s targeted and time-controlled release and bioavailability enhancement provides consumers with the benefits of more nutrients, probiotics, and better flavors.
Vrata Logo Resized
Vrata Therapeutics is developing a cell-penetrating antibody capable of delivering nucleic acid cargo directly to the cytoplasm of cells, especially in post-mitotic tissue such as skeletal muscle. This antibody allows avoidance of the endosomal escape problem, which severely limits the amount of nucleic acid therapeutic that actually gets to the site of action in the cell.
Zag Bio is developing therapeutics targeting the thymus to treat autoimmune diseases and patients with transplants. The thymus trains T cells to tell the difference between self and non-self and plays a critical role in the development of autoimmune disease. The company is developing therapeutics to train tissue-specific T regulatory cells to enable tolerance induction. There are currently no drugs that target the thymus.