Everything You Need to Know About Applying to LabCentral

April 2, 2024 | By Timothy Jarrett

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At LabCentral, we view every resident company as a partner and providing a foundation for resident success is at the heart of our mission. With that in mind, we’ve designed a resident-centric experience that starts with the application process and extends through onboarding, move-in and residency, from pre-seed to growth to biomanufacturing and scale.

We spoke with Tim Jarrett, LabCentral’s Associate Director of Resident Success, to discuss the application process and how it kicks off the culture of collaboration and support that follows our residents through each stage of their lifecycle at LabCentral.

Before we dive into application specifics, can you talk a bit about how potential new residents typically find LabCentral and what often happens before they fill out an application?

We receive inbound requests from scientists and researchers via a range of channels but most often through networking or referrals. Our first step is typically to take them on a guided tour of our facilities so they can view first-hand our end-to-end space options, which are intentionally designed to foster open collaboration and “collisions” between residents and other important contacts within our ecosystem, including VCs, pharma partners, equipment vendors and more. These include LabCentral 700, which supports early-stage companies starting with a single lab bench, to LabCentral 610 and 238, which are designed for growth-stage companies in hiring mode that need more space and biomanufacturing capabilities.

We run public tours twice a week where potential residents have their first opportunity to meet and connect with others, including scientists, academics, pharma execs, equipment vendors and investors. The tours are an important first window into the LabCentral resident experience, showcasing both the space and the numerous amenities included in a resident’s time here.

Can you describe the application process?

Our new-resident application is featured prominently on the LabCentral website, including our homepage, and is quick and simple. The goal is for prospective residents to provide a high-level overview of their company and identify which LabCentral facility might be the best fit at their current stage. We look at factors including the technology, team size, space requirements, and how much funding they’ve received to date.

Once the application has been submitted, our LabCentral Site Operations team reviews it and reaches out directly to schedule an initial phone call to gather more details: how many scientists they plan to have onsite on day one, what their planned growth trajectory is, any special equipment needs and their desired move-in date. Based on when they’re interested in moving in, we’ll then slot them into one of our Selection Committee meetings, the most unique and important part of the process.

Why is the Selection Committee process so important?

During the 30-minute Selection Committee meetings, applicants pitch their technology and differentiators. The Committee includes entrepreneurs, investors and pharma executives to provide a wide variety of perspectives.

This opportunity is crucial, not just in terms of acceptance, but in offering applicants exposure to potential strategic partners and investors and receiving valuable feedback. Many of our applicants are early stage, haven’t yet raised dilutive funding and haven’t had the chance to pitch these key audiences about their business, so for many, the pitch to the committee is an opportunity to connect with potential future partners.

For teams that are selected, admission to LabCentral signals to the industry that an early stage company have received another level of review and scrutiny, and admission to LabCentral is often a differentiator that is quite valuable for startups.

How long does it typically take for applicants to find out if they’ve been accepted?

We know time is of the essence for biotech scientists and entrepreneurs, so the rolling application and selection process is smooth and relatively quick. Applicants are typically invited to present to the Selection Committee within a month of applying and are notified about acceptance within a few days. We initially offer residencies of two years with the option to sign on for a third year.

What happens after a new resident is accepted?

Once a company is accepted, the move-in timeline is usually fast – within days or a few weeks. It starts with our Site Operations team contacting the new team to schedule an on-site meeting. At that meeting, the new resident will identify their location and discuss power, ventilation and other specific equipment needs – ensuring that they can walk into LabCentral and begin working on their science on Day One.

In addition to ensuring a smooth arrival, this process is the first step in building a strong working relationship with the Site Operations team. That team prides itself on knowing every resident company and ensuring that they feel comfortable and excited to take advantage of all that LabCentral offers – peers, community, partner resources, community spaces, events and more.

We also begin the process of understanding their company and specific needs at a deeper level, connecting new residents with LabCentral resources and providing referrals to industry experts, equipment sponsors and more. Those include VC Showcases, our mentorship program, Sponsor Happy Hours and more.

Our goal is to make every resident feel welcome and build trust that LabCentral is their partner on every step of their entrepreneurial journey.

Interested in learning more? Check out our process and criteria and/or start your application for residency now. If you have questions about applying, contact Tim Jarrett at or Megan Rivera at