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In 2023, LabCentral's mission remained steadfast: to help create the next generation of powerhouse biotech companies. We continued our commitment by providing entrepreneurs, founders, and innovative life-sciences startups with the space and resources they need to test out, challenge, and nurture early ideas. LabCentral's dedication extends beyond state-of-the-art equipment; it encompasses a culture of continual improvement, reflected in recent lab enhancements aimed at optimizing efficiency and productivity. We also continue to actively seek pathways that minimize our environmental footprint.

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"Thanks to your exceptional services, unwaveringly positive attitude and the ‘there-is-no-problem-we-can’t-fix’ approach we have been able to focus on advancing our science and processes with few operational distractions to worry about.

Thank you for always being there with a friendly face, an encouraging word, a solution at hand, a lesson to learn from, and an opportunity to be part of a community.”

Johanna Kaufmann, PhD
Executive Vice President of Oncology and Immunology, Codagenix

Lab Excellence

LabCentral has established an Imaging Lab equipped with six advanced fluorescence microscopes, expanded the Bio Analytical Lab offerings to include a high-throughput MaxCyte GTx electroporator, and tripled the capacity for mammalian cell suspension incubation. Additionally, enhanced equipment including a CX7 LZR Pro High Content Imager and LSM 900 confocal have been installed at the 610 site.


Equipment Spotlight

Abberior STEDYCON Confocal at 238

An Abberior STEDYCON Confocal Microscope has advanced imaging capabilities, facilitating research in drug discovery, diagnostics, and disease mechanisms. Its high-resolution imaging, flexibility in sample preparation, and user-friendly interface expedite data generation, driving innovation for start-ups. This microscope is equipped with a STED nanoscope allowing for the capture of super-resolution images that go beyond the diffraction-limited resolution of a traditional confocal microscope.

Abberior STEDYCON Confocal
Ä KTA go Protein Purification System

Equipment Spotlight

ÄKTA go Protein Purification System

LabCentral recently installed two new Cytiva ÄKTA go systems. These systems are a significant upgrade from our previous ones, being smaller, faster, and more advanced. They belong to the newest generation of fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) with a modular design, making them easily expandable and customizable to meet the diverse needs of our resident population well into the future.

Equipment Spotlight

Unchained Labs Stunner

The Unchained Labs Stunner is an all-in-one system capable of simultaneously measuring UV/VIS, rotating angle dynamic light scattering (RADLS), and multi-angle light scattering (MALS) from just 2uL of sample. This advanced system is perfect for assaying size, concentration, aggregation, and titer for materials such as lipid nanoparticles, proteins, and viral vectors.
Unchained Labs Stunner

Site Engagement

Residents onboarded across all sites
Visitors welcomed across all sites
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In 2023, we enhanced LabCentral's sustainability by reducing energy consumption, waste diversion, and increasing recycling rates. However, there's still room for growth. By continuing to identify and implement opportunities for reducing our environmental footprint, we can drive positive change towards a more sustainable biotech future.
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Efficiency Enhancements

This was achieved by converting the majority of these units at LabCentral from -80° to -70°. This shift to -70° also extends the lifespan of freezers, resulting in reduced downtime and fewer freezers ending up in landfills.

This was accomplished through PHCbi equipment sponsorship. This decrease has improved operational efficiency by minimizing lab disruptions, creating a more conducive working environment for residents.

Triumvirate LC Partnership

Triumvirate & LabCentral

LabCentral is proud to partner with Triumvirate Environmental to recycle biological and sharps waste, organic solvent, and universal waste. This partnership extends to participation in Triumvirate's Red2Green program, which employs a proprietary process for recycling lab waste into plastic lumber. By diverting waste from costly incinerators and other treatment technologies, this initiative redirects it towards a sanitation and manufacturing process. The outcome is high-quality plastic lumber, completing a cradle-to-cradle system.

Triumvirate & LabCentral

Sustainability Highlights

99% Of LabCentral's biological and sharps waste recycled through Triumvirate Environmental's Red2Green program, diverting over 63,649 lbs of waste from landfills in 2023. 9,936lbs Of organic solvent have been blended into fuel for reuse, reducing fossil fuel usage in cement kilns. 1,437lbs Of easily recyclable "universal waste," such as lightbulbs, batteries, and e-waste, were collected at LabCentral sites for proper recycling.
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GreenLabs Partnership

7,239lbs of Pipette tip boxes recycled

Green Labs Recycling Process v3