Social Impact + Culture

LabCentral's Social Impact Programming aligns organizational activities with a mission of social responsibility, driving positive change. Initiatives addressing social, environmental, and community challenges enhance wellbeing for individuals and communities. By amplifying underrepresented voices and hosting diverse speakers, LabCentral fosters connections and awareness, leading to measurable improvements in health, education, environment, and socio-economics.
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Osamase Ekhator Headshot 2

“By creating a safe space for people of all different backgrounds, LabCentral can serve as a healing ground for the Greater Boston community.”

Osamase Ekhator
Poet, Writer and Author

Event Breakdowns

A Conversation with Author Boyah J. Farah–America Made Me a Black Man

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Author Boyah J. Farah, known for 'America Made Me a Black Man,' delivered a candid talk reflecting on his journey as an African in America, from childhood in Somalia to a return after years away. He shared his initial perception of America as paradise, contrasted with the reality of racism. Farah's story, a testament to resilience and hope, culminated in a return journey to Somalia, highlighting his newfound love for his adopted home. The event, featuring audience engagement and a book signing, honored Black History Month.

Building Equity and Equality with Pride

Pride Social Impact 3

LabCentral's PRIDE 2023 event was cohosted with ThermoFisher and featured guest speaker Cambridge City Councillor E. Denice Simmons. Simmons, the first Black openly lesbian Mayor in the nation (and Massachusetts's first Black female mayor), shared her remarkable journey, emphasizing intersectionality with LGBTQ+ and Black communities. Led by ThermoFisher's Josh Judkins, a fireside chat delved into equity in government and science, sparking discussions on inclusive growth in Cambridge.

Black Performance Art: From Juneteenth On

Juneteenth Presentation

LabCentral commemorated Juneteenth with a exploration of Black art, tracing its evolution across key eras in American history. Attendees were treated to powerful performances including poetry by Osamase Ekhator, and Amanda Shea, dynamic rhymes by Milkshaw Benedict, lively music from DJ Fab, and electrifying dances by local step team, SXChocolateBC. Food and drinks were provided, enriching the celebration of Black expression through sight and sound.

Native American Heritage Month First Light Flashback with Annawon Weeden

First Light Social Impact 2

The immersive experience led by Annawon Weeden proved to be highly engaging and powerfully informative, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Portraying indigenous characters from different colonial periods, he highlighted the evolution and enduring impact of Native American communities. A fireside chat afterward fostered reflection and discussion, deepening attendees' understanding and appreciation of Native American history and culture.

DEIB Committee 1

DEIB Committee

In its second year, LabCentral's DEIB Committee remains committed to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging both within and beyond work hours. We recently hosted Virtual Fireside Chats celebrating heritage months, and our second-year Shadow Swap program offered valuable opportunities for professional growth and mentorship through role exchanges. Achieving 100% participation in DEIB and performance trainings in 2023 highlights our dedication to ongoing learning and improvement.
10 Full-time employees on our DEIB Committee 22% Of team members participating in Shadow Swap 100% Participation in DEIB and performance trainings

Gallery 1832

At LabCentral, we believe in the combined power of the arts and sciences. Our curated rotating gallery, Gallery 1832, celebrates the history of innovation in our space, challenges stereotypes, and invites conversation and introspection. The public nature of the gallery links the surrounding community and our internal one, bringing light and visibility to the scientific world, which often maintains the perception of being shrouded in mystery. In 2023, Gallery 1832 hosted 9 exhibits of expansive and thought-provoking work, featuring 19 artists, to foster connections with a broader community of creators and inspire our resident scientists to explore their creativity in their own work.


Gallery 1832 Artist Group
Sites participated across our 700, 610, 238 & Longwood Locations
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"As a resident company at LabCentral, I can say without hesitation that we could not have hoped for a better home for Pearl Bio. The gallery provides a unique and rare dimension, and its impact on our family, friends, colleagues and broader community has left us all with great opportunity for reflection and empowerment to forge ahead in advancing transformative science."

Amy Cayne Schwartz
Co-Founder, Pearl Bio

Exhibit Breakdowns

Resiliency of the Human Spirit

Gallery 1832 Resiliency Human Spirit 2

Jessica Vohs

Moriah Faith

This exhibition delved into the experiences of chronic illness and disability through the artworks of two artists. Jessica Vohs, born with cerebral palsy, expressed beauty and life's joys despite physical challenges, while Moriah Faith confronted the harsh realities of chronic pain, capturing vulnerability and strength in her visually striking pieces. Their work showcased the duality of suffering and beauty within the human condition, illustrating resilience and the limitless potential of art as a means of expression.

Nexum Natura

Gallery 1832 Nexum Natura

Lena McCarthy

Rosie Ranauro 

Sophy Tuttle 

In the exhibition Nexum Natura, three artists individually explored connections to the natural world through environmental awareness, bodily sensations, and spiritual contemplation, using nature-inspired imagery as a central theme in their paintings. Pain, loss, and hopeful contemplation intertwine throughout the exhibition, each artist navigating these emotions uniquely while striving to restore balance through graphic abstraction, metaphorical space, and mindfulness elements in their works.

Puzzles of the Unknown

Gallery 1832 Puzzles of the Unknown 2

Robert Cayne

For Mental Health Awareness Month, LabCentral hosted an art reception showcasing the expressive acrylic paintings of Robert Cayne, who began his artistic journey at Webster House while recovering from schizophrenia-associated disorders. Robert's vibrant works, characterized by vivid color combinations and abstract-realistic style, serve as a medium for philosophical inquiry and a means of connecting with others amid isolation. Represented by his sister Amy Cayne Schwartz, Co-Founder and President of Pearl Bio, the event offered a reflective conversation on the motivations behind Robert's art and its insights into the human experience.

Alla Prima Landscapes

Gallery 1832 Alla Prima Landscapes

Pearl McCarthy

The "Alla Prima Landscapes" reception featured Pearl McCarthy's captivating paintings. Inspired by the alla prima technique, McCarthy's intimate portraits captured fleeting moments of connection and nature's beauty, inviting guests to explore serene realms of tranquility and joy. Each stroke of her brush brought landscapes to life, celebrating life's essence in vibrant scenes.

Catch & Release

Loretta Park 01 Red Plate

Lisa Barthelson

Rebecca McGee Tuck

Loretta Park

Jeffery Nowlin

Catch and Release featured four eco-minded artists who respond to the human contribution to the climate crisis by creating artworks that question the excessive consumption and waste that is prevalent in society. Through their creative practices, they aim to raise awareness, provoke contemplation, and encourage a more sustainable and responsible approach to our shared ecosystems.

Geomorphic Foresights

Gallery 1832 Geomorphic Foresights

Liliana Folta

Adriana G. Prat

A two-artist show of paintings inspired by the severity and urgency of the environmental crisis, and its complex and ubiquitous manifestations. Artists and curators Liliana Folta and Adriana G. Prat shared their lyrical recreations of Earth’s topographies; worlds that are forced to morph and adapt, reminding us of what we need to change and fight for.

A Decade SelfMade

Gallery 1832 Selfmade

The Collective 

LabCentral hosted the 10 year celebration of SelfMade Designs, a brand, space, and collective of artists in Greater Boston. Founded on the principle of being the best version of oneself, SelfMade fosters teamwork and collaboration among like-minded individuals. Featuring works from several representatives, SelfMade embraces individual talents while fostering a culture of mutual celebration and authenticity. With a mission to support local artists and nurture creativity, SelfMade continues to champion the dreams of artists from Boston and beyond.

Abstracted Spirit

Gallery 1832 Abstracted Spirit

Heather Buechler

Heather Buechler's vibrant abstract creations, recognized with awards, evoke both creativity and serenity. Layered and scraped acrylics on various mediums, including canvas and wood, add depth to her pieces. Heather's dedication to crafting meaningful art involves meditation rooted in her Buddhist and Reiki practices. Based in Boston's South End, her work prioritizes supporting women and underrepresented artists.